Application Deadline 2022-12-08


Scholarships for female postdoctoral researchers
and academics for enhancing their academic profile

Friedrich Schiller University supports excellent female researchers who are aiming at a professorship by providing them with project-related scholarships for transitional stages that are afflicted with funding shortfalls.

The scholarship programme is part of the Thuringian Scheme for Young Female Researchers and Young Female Artists funded by the Free State of Thuringia. The programme aims to support the academic career of women in science in order to raise the proportion of women in academic leadership positions.


Each scholarship amounts to €2,000 per month. Family allowance will be paid for each child that is legally subject to the applicants’ care. The funding period will be adjusted to each applicant's personal circumstances. The earliest possible starting date is 1 March 2023, the latest possible starting date is 1 February 2024 (for career re-entry: 1 December 2023). The length of the funding period varies depending on the type of scholarship and on the scope of the project submitted. The Scholarship will only be granted within the runtime of the relevant funding programme (Thuringian Scheme for Young Female Researchers and Young Female Artists).

Types of Scholarships

  • Career advancement (max. 12 months)
    Development of a new research topic or research focus, preparation of a grant proposal for your own research project
  • Career re-entry (max. 24 months)
    Further scientific qualification and catching up with the current state of re-search after periods of leave
    (e.g. maternity leave, nursing leave, non-university employment)
  • Transition (max. 6 months)
    Sharpening or complementing your scientific profile in research or teaching during transitional phases
    (e.g. during evaluation periods)
  • Finalization (max 12 months)
    Finishing a qualification-related research work or publication
  • Sabbatical (max. 6 months)
    Getting release from teaching or administrative duties within a department or a chair in order to finalise a Habilitation, publication, third party funding application, etc.

Requirements for funding

Eligible are female researchers of all subjects with

  • a doctoral degree, rated at least "very good"
  • a scholarship project that contributes to the expansion of your scientific profile,
  • a positive evaluation by one professor regarding the suitability of the applicant and the quality of the project in terms of the relevant field of research;
  • a formal affiliation to a professor at Friedrich Schiller University, including the option to teach at the university and to use the necessary equipment.


Anne Dünger
Graduate Academy
Phone +49 3641 9 401104

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