Certificate programme "Leadership in Academia"

Application deadline 2024-06-19

People who plan to work in a leading position in academia require a set of generic skills in addition to expert knowledge and research expertise. Competences in communication, management and leadership is expected of a leader in academia. It also requires foresight, a sense of responsibility and the ability to cooperate across subjects to successfully do the job. In order to further develop these abilities, the Graduate Academy is offering the certificate programme "Leadership in Academia".

Target group

The programme "Leadership in Academia" addresses advanced doctoral researchers and postdocs of Friedrich Schiller University who are aspiring to a professorship. Only a maximum of 12 people per year are accepted in the certificate programme. The courses are offered in German as well as in Englisch.

Contentual focus areas

The main focus is on "Fundamental questions of sciences and humanities" (3 workshops), "Communication, leadership and management" (2 workshops) and "Career planning and job application" (1 workshop). Participants can choose from a range of different workshops for each area. You may find an overview of the courses that can be selected  here.

Scope and duration

The programme comprises six workshops. It begins in the winter term and can be completed in two to four terms.


You only have to pay the service charges for the individual workshops (between 10€ and 30€ per workshop). There will be no additional costs.

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