Certificate programme "Science Management"

Application deadline 2024-06-19

If you want to succeed in the area of science management, comprehensive social and management skills often become more important than your own area of research. Science managers have to be able to understand the German academic system and the characteristics of a broad variety of scientific disciplines. They should have outstanding abilities in personal and public communication, as well as in project management. Depending on the future working field, science managers also need knowledge in the areas of external project funding, publication strategies, and the handling of research data, as well as in the field of scientific evaluation methods (statistics, surveys).

If you plan to aquire a basic qualification for coordinator positions of graduate institutions and research clusters, faculty director, or other leading positions in university administration, you can now take part in the Graduate Academy's "Science Management" certificate programme.

Target group

The programme is directed at doctoral candidates and postdocs of Friedrich Schiller University, who are already working in a science management position or want to prepare for a career in this field. The maximum number of participants accepted is 8 p.a. The courses are offered in German as well as English.

Contentual focus areas

The main focus is on "Fundamental Questions of Sciences and Humanities " (2 workshops) and "Communication, Leadership, and Management" (2 workshops). Moreover, there will be electives (2 workshops). For each area, there are different workshops available. You may find an ovierview of the courses that can be selected here.

Scope and Duration

The programme comprises 6 workshops. It starts at the beginning of each winter semester and can be completed within two to four semesters.


You only have to pay the service charges for the individual workshops (between 10€ and 30€ per workshop). There will be no additional costs.

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