ProChance Career

Funding scheme for improving career prospects of young female researchers


Our funding scheme promotes our outstanding female researchers on their way to a professorship. The University provide funds which shall promote and improve the further development of the scientific profile and the chance to be appointed as professor. To promote the scientific independence is the main focus of this programme. Funds may be requested for: carrying out research projects, conducting conferences, mobility (e. g. research stay abroad), to prepare for third-party funding or for a research leave. It is also possible to apply for family allowances for scholarships already granted. The strategic focus of projects for which funding is requested must be convincingly demonstrated and justified in the application.


Please apply if you are a fix-term employed female researcher, a female leader of a working group, or a female junior professor. Your dissertation was at least two years ago. You must be adequately involved in university teaching.

Financial Support

You may apply to cover staff cost (e. g. teaching associates, student assistants) and material and travel expenses of up to € 40,000. The duration of the programme is limited to 2 years.

Project Selection

The decision will be based on independent reviews. In addition to an assessment of individual requirements, the quality of the work plan will be of decisive relevance. The assessment will take the applicant’s career age into account. While the integration of the project in the faculty’s or university’s scientific focus is desirable, but it’s not a prerequisite


Dr. Juliane Heimann
Phone +49 3641 9 401104

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