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Funding of Networking Events

The Jena Alliance "Life in Focus" promotes postgraduate qualification at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena by connecting the university profile lines LIFE and LIGHT with support of the Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung. It connects and strengthens the doctoral programmes of the Jena School for Microbial Communication (JSMC), the Jena School of Molecular Medicine (JSMM), the Abbe School of Photonics (ASP) and the Max Planck School of Photonics (MPSP).

This funding call is to encourage doctoral candidates within the Jena Alliance and its affiliated graduate schools to design and organise their own academic events with a financial support of up to EUR 1000.00 per diem.

Information about the Funding Programme

With its programme „Funding of Networking Events“, the Jena Alliance intends to promote early academic autonomy and networking of doctoral candidates within the scientific realm of the Jena Alliance. Doctoral candidates are encouraged to organise e.g. a guest lecture, a symposium, a workshop or a network meeting around an topic of their own choice.

 Organising such events on their own initiative particularly aims at enabling the doctoral candidate to:

  • to broaden one's own research horizon by interdisciplinary aspects
  • make valuable contacts and academic networks within the scientific community
  • get more experienced in the organisation and execution of academic events

Eligibility Requirements
Eligible to apply for the funding programme are doctoral researchers within the Jena Alliance and its affiliated graduate schools. Funding recipients are autonomously responsible for the conception, organisation and execution of the event.

What we Support
  • a guest lecture
  • a network meeting, symposium, colloquium or workshop

Type and Extent of Support
Financial support: Up to 1000.00 EUR per diem. This can be used to reimburse costs for the realisation of the event, such as speaker fees, room rental (including utilities), equipment, travel expenses, public relations materials or catering (food/drinks).

Organisational Support (Rooms and Marketing): Upon prior agreement, the event may be hosted in the rooms of the “House for Young Researchers ‘Zur Rosen’” (Auditorium or small seminar room), given that the dates are known early enough. Additionally, FSU Graduate Academy will advertise the event via its marketing channels (website, social media, newsletter) upon request.

Eligibility Criteria
  • The applicant must be a doctoral candidate at one of the graduate schools of the Jena Alliance.
  • An interdisciplinary orientation of the event is desirable.

The decision is made by the Jena Alliance coordination office in agreement with the Jena Alliance steering committee, usually within two weeks after the application is submitted.

In case of a successful application, the event funding may start one week after the receipt of the grant notification letter. It is not possible to pay for any expenses made before that time. The event and all related expenditures must in any case be concluded and brought to account within one year after the receipt of the grant notification letter.

How to Apply for Funding
Apply via the online portal including submission of a concept of max. five pages and the pre-calculation of all costs. We recommend making an informal enquiry outlining your plans prior to submission.

This is an ongoing call for applications, i.e. applications can be submitted at any time.

Programme Contact
Dr. Maria Langhammer
Koordinatorin der Jena Alliance "Life in Focus" – Ein Projekt der Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung
Tel: +49 3641 9-401360

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